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Casey (front) and Shiloh (peeking from back).
   This is a good example of what you can get when you adopt two cats from the same litter.  Shiloh (at left) and Casey are very close; here, they were looking out a window together.


A jaunty Shiloh poses for the camera.    Shiloh was the runt of the litter, and nearly didn't make it out of kittenhood.  Now that he's a strong, healthy, full-grown cat, he takes life in stride.  Nothing bothers him, and he likes everybody.


Shiloh relaxes the way a Good Cat should -- wherever he pleases.
   Where does a Good Cat relax?  Shiloh knows the answer -- anywhere he pleases!


Bungee Cats?    No, they're not learning bungee jumping!  The cats were harnessed in the back yard, when Ed brought out the ladder and climbed to the roof.  Since they are Good Cats, they were curious to see what "daddy" was doing, and followed him up the ladder.


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