Tiny Kit'ten is in good hands.
Little Kit'ten (accent on the second syllable) is one of four orphaned babies who were adopted by family members.  Here she is in her new home, with one blue eye barely open, being kept safe and warm.


Kit'ten and big sister Ellie spend quality time together.
It's a more grown-up Kit'ten shown here with big sister Ellie.  (I double-checked; it is right-side up this way.).


Big sister Ellie is in a bit of a squeeze.
Ellie and a shoebox -- perfect together!  (Well, maybe a little snug. . .)


Ellie and Kit'ten nap together.
Ellie has settled down for some beauty sleep, and close friend Kit'ten has decided to curl up next to her.  The older cat lifts a sleepy eyelid while young Kit'ten ignores the camera.


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