Lilly would appreciate some attention!
    Kitten Lilly soon learned to rule her new home.  Here, she makes a request in her own subtle way.


Moo-cat is up against the wall.
   It looks as though Moo-cat is going to be searched for contraband.  But the rest of the photo (and the story) is below. . .


Moo-cat, the remote-controlled kitty.
   Moo's "daddy" Jack calls his laser pointer a "kitty remote control." 


Little Princess Tabitha
   I call her Princess Tabitha, because she's pretty and sweet and also because she loves lots of attention.  She looks rather regal here, doesn't she?  All she needs is a crown.


Lilly and Moo on the bed
   Lilly and Moo take a break from playing on the bed to pose.


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